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March 19, 2011

Tastee Trends: PotPie is Fashion’s Food Fad?

Mmm...chicken pot pie!photo © 2010 jeffreyw | more info (via: Wylio)
It’s pretty easy for me to keep up with popular new restaurants and what’s hot in the food industry.  But when it comes to the world of fashion, I’m lucky if I know a few of the trends each season and I’m even luckier if I’ve actually purchased something “trendy”. So the idea of fashion insiders annointing a culinary dish to runway worthy seemed strange. According to the New York Times, fashion industry insiders are gravitating towards chicken potpie.

This Spring season among 70’s style flashbacks, thick stripes and solid color block clothing trends, chicken potpie is the popular kid featured on elite fashion event menus. A designer for Calvin Klein prefers his with lobster (yum), others prefer theirs loaded with traditional chicken and vegetables. This concept seems strange for someone like me who snubbed my nose at potpie growing up, I think I’ve gone my entire life without trying one. My mom will tell you that I grew up loathing casseroles and in my opinion, chicken potpie sounds like nothing more than a glorified casserole.  

So why is this fattening one pot-meal the fashion industry favorite?? Shine! Yahoo blogger Piper Weiss speculates: “Pot pie is sloppy, fattening, home-style American, and everything you don’t equate with exclusive couture circles. It’s as ironic as retro t-shirts and five-figure flip flops. And fashion loves irony.”

Over the years, I’ve reconsidered my stance against casseroles. Maybe now it’s time to try potpie. I guess I’ll follow fashion’s fads once more and see what the fuss is about.

Here’s a few I wouldn’t mind trying from Food Networks Comfort Food PotPie Collection:

From Wolfgang Puck (Puff pastry version): Lobster and Chicken Potpie
From Robert Irvine (Puff pastry version): Lobster and Crab Potpie
From Emril Lagasse (Pie Crust version): Lobster Potpie
From Rachel Ray: Tarragon Cream Chicken and Polenta Potpie
From Sunny Anderson: Shrimp Potpie

August 22, 2010

In Season: Tomatoes

With summer in full swing, my dad’s homegrown tomato production has peaked. For the second straight-year, the family backyard is better described as our tomato farm. Thus, I am on the hunt for new tomato centered seasonal recipes.

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