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August 29, 2010

Tastee Techniques: Pan-Basting

I pretend like I’m this amazing cook, but really? I have a lot to learn. I probably don’t even know some of the most basic cooking techniques. I may recognize the name but don’t know how to do it in the kitchen.  Pan-basting sounds basic enough, but its one technique on my list of techniques I need to practice. Lucky for me Seriouseats has a simple “How to Pan-Baste” lesson to give us some guidance. 

Do buzz words like “crispy skin” or “pan-seared” make your mouth water? If yes, then this technique is for you.

Basting is used to keep meat juicy and flavorful. It is done by spooning juices, melted fat or sauces over the meat while you cook. The result of perfecting basting – the ultimate tasteebit: crispy chicken skin! 

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