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March 19, 2011

Tastee Trends: PotPie is Fashion’s Food Fad?

Mmm...chicken pot pie!photo © 2010 jeffreyw | more info (via: Wylio)
It’s pretty easy for me to keep up with popular new restaurants and what’s hot in the food industry.  But when it comes to the world of fashion, I’m lucky if I know a few of the trends each season and I’m even luckier if I’ve actually purchased something “trendy”. So the idea of fashion insiders annointing a culinary dish to runway worthy seemed strange. According to the New York Times, fashion industry insiders are gravitating towards chicken potpie.

This Spring season among 70’s style flashbacks, thick stripes and solid color block clothing trends, chicken potpie is the popular kid featured on elite fashion event menus. A designer for Calvin Klein prefers his with lobster (yum), others prefer theirs loaded with traditional chicken and vegetables. This concept seems strange for someone like me who snubbed my nose at potpie growing up, I think I’ve gone my entire life without trying one. My mom will tell you that I grew up loathing casseroles and in my opinion, chicken potpie sounds like nothing more than a glorified casserole.  

So why is this fattening one pot-meal the fashion industry favorite?? Shine! Yahoo blogger Piper Weiss speculates: “Pot pie is sloppy, fattening, home-style American, and everything you don’t equate with exclusive couture circles. It’s as ironic as retro t-shirts and five-figure flip flops. And fashion loves irony.”

Over the years, I’ve reconsidered my stance against casseroles. Maybe now it’s time to try potpie. I guess I’ll follow fashion’s fads once more and see what the fuss is about.

Here’s a few I wouldn’t mind trying from Food Networks Comfort Food PotPie Collection:

From Wolfgang Puck (Puff pastry version): Lobster and Chicken Potpie
From Robert Irvine (Puff pastry version): Lobster and Crab Potpie
From Emril Lagasse (Pie Crust version): Lobster Potpie
From Rachel Ray: Tarragon Cream Chicken and Polenta Potpie
From Sunny Anderson: Shrimp Potpie

February 2, 2011

Recipes: Smoked Salmon and Herbed Butter

Adding this to my “to try” list! If you try it, let me know what you think. 

Courtesy of New York times Food: Herbed Butter and Smoked Salmon Sandwiches

February 1, 2011

Recipes: Serve Up Something Savvy for Superbowl

Whether you’re watching the Superbowl or the Puppy Bowl on February 6th, make sure you impress your friends by serving them something a little different. If you’re like me, you celebrate the Superbowl as an excuse to eat food, lots of it. In fact, the only reason I know who’s playing this Sunday is because I linked the NFL site for the sake of this post. So whether you’re partying for the game or partying for the food, we all know and love the typical Superbowl Sunday fare. But this year consider spicing it up a bit! Your friends who are only pretending to be interested in the game (me) will secretly appreciate your creative food for giving them something else to do!

Shake up your traditional nachos and wings with these fun recipes assembled by Huffington Post. Try recipes like “Chocolate Beer Truffles” (ingenious superbowl combo), “Hummamole” (yes. the two best dips -hummus & guac – combined), “Tequila Mango Salsa” (my favorite alcohol and my favorite fruit, I’ll be making a double batch), “Roasted Tomato and Goat Cheese Jalapenos Peppers”, and “Fig Glazed Burgers with Red Onion Jam.” Are you drooling yet? Cause I am.

Wondering about dessert? Isn’t it obvious. CUPCAKES. The SuperBowl Cupcake – Chocolate cake, maple cream cheese frosting, and bacon streusal! OH YES. You’re guests will never leave. Recipes for all of the above are printed after the jump.

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August 22, 2010

In Season: Tomatoes

With summer in full swing, my dad’s homegrown tomato production has peaked. For the second straight-year, the family backyard is better described as our tomato farm. Thus, I am on the hunt for new tomato centered seasonal recipes.

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August 22, 2010

Recipes: Homemade Hot Sauce?

New York Times Homemade Hot Sauce

As I discover that more and more of my friends are deeply committed to hot sauce, it never occurred to me that this increasingly used condiment might be better homemade. Tobasco has long had a dedicated group of devotees, and recently srirachi chili paste has surged to the forefront of spicy condiment greatness.

I was introduced to the now famous red “rooster sauce” when I tried Pho (vietnamese beef noodle soup) for the first time in Seattle. By the time I was done adding the chili sauce and sweet plum sauce to my soup, the broth was undeniably red and formidable looking. (Thank goodness for mango bubble tea to cool the burn!) Since then, I now add Sriracha to every sauce I make.  It’s my go-to “secret” ingredient. If gastropubs, with their fancy truffle fries and signature burgers, can make homemade ketcup a gourmet achievement, maybe chili sauce is also better fresh?

The New York Times posted the results of one such hot sauce experiment in a recent article. Related recipes include Tangy Salted Green Chilis and the Sriracha inspired Garlicky Red Chili Hot Sauce. Time for a taste test of my own!

August 22, 2010

Grill It: Cobbed Corn Showdown!

Corn with Chili Lime Butter v. Grilled Corn with Lime, Cayenne and Cotija

Joshua Bousel posted this simple, yet amazing sounding grilled chili lime butter corn recipe over at SeriousEats. The fact that this recipe combines two of my my favorite ingredients – butter and chili powder – lands it top on my “to try” list. It’s hard to improve on grilled corn, but this flavor combo seems like it might be a keeper.

After salavating over Bousel’s dish, I came across the second grilled corn option with Lime, Cayenne and Cotija posted at While both recipes feature lime, I’m curious which one would win in a grilled corn throwdown. I’m leaning towards the cotija, because cheese just makes everything better. But its hard to beat simple buttered corn. Time to test both and pick a winner!

April 11, 2009

Menus: Eating Healthy Spa Menus

Healthy Spa Menu posted on Epicurious.

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