I’m obsessed with food, recipes and restaurants. I scour the internet for new recipes, collecting more than I will ever have time to try. As my backlog of recipes “to try” grows, I decided I needed to organize my food finds in one place so that one day, when I have more time, I’ll know where to start. “Tasteebits Food Finds” is my attempt to get organized. I can gather in one place the various tips, techniques, recipes, menus and restaurants that I’ve been dying to try. This is my food journal that reflects my food “goals” – a long food “to do list.” 

The term “Tasteebits” came from my dad. It is the restaurant he would open if he opened one. He envisions it as a place that serves only the bits of food that are everyone’s favorite – the burnt cheese, crispy chicken skin, burnt carmel creme brulee topping etc. Think muffin tops only fancier.  Each family probably has their own “tasteebits” just like they have their own traditional family recipes. For example, in my house, our favorite part of any pie, crips or cobbler is the sugary, buttery, crumble toppping. So we double, triple or quadruple topping quantities to make sure we all get enough of the good stuff.  “Tasteebits Food Finds” came from our family dream of one day opening Tasteebits restaurant and making it a huge success!

Photo: WhatWereEating.com


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